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Providing Online Vet Visits in Concord, NC with Airvet

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What exactly are online vet visits? At Mills Creek Animal Hospital, our Airvet telemedicine app allows pet parents to connect with their veterinarian via their mobile device for a video appointment. These video appointments make it possible for dogs and cats to still get the care they need, but without having to see their vet in person. Whether it’s a pandemic or some other event keeping animals and their vets apart, Airvet bridges the gap and helps pet families maintain a close, communicative relationship with their veterinarian.

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When are Online Vet Visits Appropriate?

While the convenience of telemedicine cannot be denied, its uses are somewhat limited, since we can’t see your pet in person for a thorough exam and blood work. This is why it’s important that we have an established and ongoing relationship with you and your pet. Having ongoing knowledge of your pet’s medical history makes it easier for your veterinarian to offer effective and safe treatment recommendations.

That being said, there are certain conditions in dogs and cats that we cannot diagnose or treat through online vet visits.

Conditions/situations we can address through Airvet include:

  • A check-up following your pet’s recent visit to our hospital
  • A post-surgical follow-up visit
  • Minor issues, such as sneezing, coughing, mild vomiting and mild diarrhea
  • Skin issues
  • Limping or other problems with their gait
  • Behavior or nutrition concerns
  • Any general questions you have about your pet’s health

What to do if Your Pet is Having an Emergency

If you suspect that your pet is having a health emergency, don’t wait--call our hospital at (704) 802-1005, or contact one of our recommended 24-hour emergency referral hospitals.


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Setting Up Airvet

It’s easy to get Airvet up and running on your phone. Just follow the steps below!

  1. Download the Airvet app to your phone or tablet from your Apple or Google Play store.
  2. Set up your personal account and add Mills Creek Animal Hospital as your go-to hospital. Then, select your pet’s veterinarian.
  3. Last, provide the necessary information about you and your pet to round out your profile.

If you have any questions about Airvet and whether your pet’s situation can be evaluated or resolved via online vet visit, give us a call at (704) 802-1005!