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Surgery for Dogs and Cats in Concord, NC

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Surgery plays a pivotal role in your pet’s health and development. Spays and neuters are essential procedures for every dog and cat to ensure their continued health and to prevent unwanted litters. However, while a spay or neuter is often the only surgery most pets will need during their lifetime, the veterinary team at Mills Creek Animal Hospital can provide a variety of other important surgical services as well to correct existing health problems and prevent future ones. Also, because every surgery for dogs and cats carries its risks (just like human surgery), our team meticulously follows the latest surgery protocols for safety, monitoring, pain management, and more.

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Making pet surgery less stressful.

How We Make Surgery for Dogs and Cats as Safe and Low-Stress as Possible

Safety is our top priority, and with Fear Free Certified Professionals on our team, we also incorporate Fear Free treatment into our protocols to help our patients relax. This includes gentle handling and the use of dog and cat pheromones to create a calming atmosphere.

To ensure the highest level of safety during your pet’s surgery, we implement these practices:

  • An experienced veterinary technician monitors your pet’s condition and vitals during all stages of their surgery--from pre-op to post-op.
  • We use the safest gas anesthesia and administer it based on your pet’s size and health.
  • Our monitoring equipment includes pulse oximetry, EKG, blood pressure, and more.
  • We administer IV fluids and medications to your pet during surgery if needed.
  • All pets receive multimodal pain control to minimize discomfort after surgery.
  • We use warm blankets to keep our patients warm during and after surgery to prevent hypothermia.

Surgeries Our Veterinarian Perform

Our veterinarian can perform a variety of routine and elective surgeries, including:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Mass and growth removals
  • Foreign body removals
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Wound treatment and repair
  • …and more
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Advanced Surgery and Orthopedics

For more specialized soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, we partner with Dr. Ritter, DVM, DACVS of Acacia Mobile Veterinary Surgery. He assists with many advanced cases, such as TPLO surgery for ACL tears. He has been board certified in veterinary surgery since 2007.

If your pet might need a more advanced surgical procedure, contact us at (704) 802-1005 so we can arrange an appointment with Dr. Ritter.